Photographs of Hands
an important new book for the world of photography

PHOTOGRAPHS OF HANDS by Richard Seah is an important new book for anyone and everyone interested in photography -- for teachers and students, professionals and amateurs, advanced photographers and beginners... and especially for photographic artists and collectors of photographic art.

Just when many people feel that there is nothing left that is new in mainstream, straight forward photography, this book introduces a whole new world of photography that is both fascinating and uncommon, yet readily accessible.

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This subject of hands is so badly neglected that, to the best of this writer's knowledge, there is currently only one other book on photgraphs of hands -- Speaking with Hands featuring hands photographs collected by the photographer, social activist and philantrophist, Robert Mendelssohn Buhl.

This is probably only the second book on hands photographs in the world -- and the first by a single author / photographic artist, Richard Seah.

In contrast, the world of photography has hundreds and thousands of books on various other photographic subjects -- landscapes, nature, wildlife, birds, pets, flowers, portraits, architecture, journalism, street photography, travel, still life, fashion, glamour, nudes, etc etc.

Photographs of Hands is therefore an important addition to any library of photographic books, including public / university / college / school libraries as well as personal collections.

And for collectors of photographic art, limited edition prints of the images in this book are available for purchase, in various sizes from 8 x 12 inch to 20 x 30 inch.

Photographs of Hands is more than just a showcase of the author's art. Through this book, the author hopes to encourage more photographers to explore this much neglected subject in the world of photography.

It is a subject that is literally "right under our nose", freely and easily accessible to one and all, amateurs and professionals alike. There is no need for studios or special lighting equipment, no need for paid models or private settings, no need for special lenses, no need for advanced photographic techniques...

All you need is a camera. Any camera.

Plus, of course, you need a way of seeing... Author / photographer Richard Seah firmly believes that the way of seeing has become the most important aspect of modern photography, especially with technological advances taking care, to a very large extent, of the technical aspects like lighting, exposure, etc.

By sharing examples of more 80 photographs of hands in different settings, Richard Seah seeks to inspire readers / viewers to look at hands in a completely new light and so encourage them to create their own photographs of hands.

The book is divided into five sections. Click on each section title for more details:

Hands of worshippers at religious festivals like Vesak and Thaipusam
Hands of craftsmen, healers and others at work
Hands of entertainers - musicians, dancers, actors and others
Hands of statues, mannequins and other hand-made objects
Hands at rest and otherwise not doing anything special

This is Richard Seah's first book on photography. He is currently working on several others, all of which will, directly or indirectly, revolve around the theme of seeing everyday objects in a refreshing new light.

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